Here are a few Client Comments:

“In considering Viable-Solutions you would be making the right choice with this company. There are no other companies at this present time more dedicated and considerate of the customers' needs. They rank #1 with customer service and technical support. These gentlemen are highly skilled individually each one has a particular skill related to computer technology; they have made themselves available day or night and are willing to do what it takes to complete the project in a timely manner.

-Homes in Partnership                                                         Click Here to Read the Entire Letter.

“...when I started my own firm [Viable Solutions, Inc.] was literally my first phone call. I trusted [them] to help me get my new firm up and running. I have happily been using Viable-Solutions for many years now. They are always willing to explain things they do for us, especially new products and services and help us make full use of the services we have with them.


[Eliot] and his crew are very prompt and seem to be solving multiple user issues at the same time. Every bit of it is done remotely for us and you would never know the difference. They have helped me out of jams, even when it's my doing, even after hours. I think they truly enjoy solving the problems and helping their clients get the best from their networks.”

-Fitzpatrick Engineering Group                                         Click Here to Read the Entire Letter.

The one thing, in my mind, that separates [Viable Solutions, Inc.] from many of the other companies and individuals that I have also worked with over the years, is the selflessness with which Viable-Solutions partners with my office. Many times, we have worked outside of the typical work hours or work days. If the need is such, phone calls are not limited to designated work hours. The concern has been and continues to be solutions. Viable-Solutions has often suggested directions that might not prove financially beneficial to them. The guiding principle has been what is best for The Public Defender's Office and in my mind that is a unique relationship. It indicates a quality of concern that, though mindful of the bottom line, is not motivated by it. We (I) consider Viable-Solutions to be our partners in the truest sense of the word.

-Public Defender’s Office, District 10, Bartow FL            Click Here to Read the Entire Letter.

Here are some Vintage Video Testimonials from 2004.

We haven’t recorded any of these in a while, but as you will see, the customers regard for Viable Solutions, Inc. remains the same:

Steve Bernard

Doug Fitzpatrick

Rich Owrey

Tom Simmons

Jeff Boehlke

Seth Foster

Jamie Rost