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Corporate Profile and Mission Statement

Historical Information and Key Milestones



       Mr. Eliot Lloyd Lanes established Viable Solutions, Inc. in 1986, to provide an effective and ethical distribution platform for his products, services, and concepts. He has developed some first of its kind software which has stood the test of time and usage. His software has received outstanding reviews from industry analysts and users alike. Certain manufacturers have negotiated to distribute his works along with their own products. From there Viable Solutions, Inc. has evolved into a highly respected provider of Business Process and Collaboration technology. Viable Solutions, Inc has developed an international reputation as a company with expert ability, knowledge, and insight.

Current Position:

Ethical Service is our Business.

Our Clientele and influence literally spans the globe. From Infrastructure Design, Implementation, and Continuing Coverage to Pioneering the Customer Accommodating Private Cloud, Viable Solutions, Inc. continues to provide large, middle-sized, and now, even smaller sized businesses with the best, most popular, and most reliable technology.

Our greatest pride, is the strong rapport we have established with our esteemed clients. We truly enjoy lending our expertise and support to help our customers and vendors exceed expectations. Every day we continue to live up to the high standards to which we originally aspired. We are honored by our customers who stand by us and grow with us year after year.

Information in the following section presents an historical perspective and highlights of some of

 Viable Solutions, Inc.’s recognized accomplishments.

February, 1986

Viable Solutions, Inc. was a sole proprietorship, founded as:

BEL Enterprises Business Operating Systems (BEL) by Eliot Lloyd Lanes and his wife.

BEL provided technical support, training, programming, installation, design and implementation assistance, software development, and hardware support to many businesses in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

July, 1994

Name was changed to Viable Solutions, Inc., when the company was incorporated. Viable Solutions, Inc. was relocated to Florida and expanded.

October 1997

Viable Solutions, Inc. wins Novell’s Reseller of the Month Award.

March, 1998

     Viable Solutions, Inc. wins Novell’s 1st ever Service Excellence Award 

     Viable Solutions, Inc. becomes Novell Platinum Reseller

     Viable Solutions, Inc. expertise recognized and published in the National Publication,

“Nation’s Business”

March, 2000

Viable Solutions, Inc. wins Novell’s Service Excellence Certificate

April, 2000

Viable Solutions, Inc. expertise recognized and published in the National Publication,


January, 2001

     Viable Solutions, Inc. President and CEO, Named to

The Nationwide Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses

     The Viable Solutions Hour begins broadcasting and continues for 3 seasons.

October, 2002

Viable Solutions, Inc. CEO Writes Cover Story for Inaugural issue of GW Advisor Magazine

April, 2003

Eliot Lloyd Lanes, President of Viable Solutions, Inc. is named Novell’s Certified Network Engineer (CNE) of the year. The Award is presented at Brainshare.

2003 - Present

     Viable Solutions, Inc. continues to enjoy recognition and prestige from major industry analysts and publications such as ComputerWorld, Gartner Group, Gerson Lehrman Group, GWAdvisor, NetworkWorld, Sm@rt Partner, VAR Business, etc. as well as from user groups and vendor organizations.


Viable Solutions, Inc. Awarded Portlock Bronze Reseller of the Year

2005 & 2006

Viable Solutions, Inc. Awarded GWAVA Reseller of the Year

2006 - Present

Viable Solutions, Inc. adds direct provisioning of necessary business services


     Viable Solutions, Inc. Develops a robust Private Corporate Cloud and begins servicing all sizes of business with a complete line of hosted applications.

     Viable Solutions, Inc. adds Microsoft Support options


     Viable Solutions, Inc. goes full scale with its line of Cloud and Hosted services

     Entire Organizations move all or parts of their infrastructure to Viable Solutions, Inc.’s Cloud

These include but are not limited to: City Government, Non-Profits; Architecture, Legal, Government Run Transportation, etc.


Viable Solutions, Inc. adds full featured line of Microsoft options to Cloud and Hosted Services including but not limited to: Exchange 2010 ® and SharePoint ® with 99.999% uptime. These are hosted from strategically located Tier 4 SAS 70 Type II compliant Network Operation Centers.

More organizations and industries join on to the Viable Solutions, Inc. Cloud


Viable Solutions, Inc. adds new Support Services such as Enterprise Wide Remote Monitoring, Reporting, Response, Updates, and Alerts. This includes 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring by teams of certified technicians, and covers all networking devices as well as such systems as A/C and other customer requirements.

Our Mission

Ethical Service is our Business.

Business Must be conducted within a strict code of morality, with compassion, and in good conscience.Respect and Honesty are our Imperatives!

Viable Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to help our customers Meet and Exceed ALL their business process and collaboration needs by providing and supporting the most competent and reliable solutions available. To accomplish this we maintain award winning, internationally recognized levels of expertise with the solutions we provide. We also work very closely with manufacturers’ development teams and enhancement efforts.

Corporate Philosophy

Ethical Service is our Business.


"We are never afraid to present innovation or take initiative. Of utmost importance, however, is that our business is conducted within a strict code of morality, compassion, and conscience. We treat our customers, associates, and vendors with respect and honesty. We cherish our rapport with our clients by demonstrating excellence, vision, caring and willingness with every contact.Viable Solutions, Inc. delivers on its promises and often succeeds where others concede or fail."

              -Eliot Lloyd Lanes, President

Providing 25 Years of unsurpassed service, we promise, more of the same.


Member or the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida