Events and Announcements

Viable Solutions, Inc. Expands... EVERYTHING!

We now offer a vastly expanded line of Support, Cloud, and Hosted services.

We’ve expanded the:

    Number of Network Operation Centers (NOCs);

   Offerings to include the World’s most popular technology;

   Staffing of certified technicians to monitor your environment;

   Scope of what we do and how we can accommodate you!

Viable Solutions, Inc.’s Cloud Based VSI Exchange-Able ™

Now offering Policy Based Encryption

Encrypted eMail helps your customers manage compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. If you operate in a regulated industry like health care or finance, in a state with privacy protection laws, or are just interested in best practices when it comes to email security, policy-based Encrypted Email will help ensure your outgoing email communications remain secure and confidential.


Attachmate Corporation Reaffirms Commitment to Novell GroupWise

All Novell Products:

Attachmate CEO’s Pledge:

“support the existing roadmaps and release schedules for products across the Novell and SuSE portfolios”-Jeffrey Hawn